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Our Services

  •  Self Assessment
  • Individual Tax Returns
  • Sole Trader/Self Employment Accounts
  • PAYE/Salary
  • Management Accounts
  • VAT Returns
  • Business Plans
  • Bookkeeping services

Other Services.

  • CIS
  • Payroll/Pension
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Property Tax
  • Business Insurance
  • Mortgage Advisory Services
  • Invoicing/Other Related Accounting Services
  • Charity Financial Management
  • Inheritance tax

Expanding on Accounting Services that we provide:

Corporate Tax

We prepare annual corporate accounts including corporation tax and annual returns in compliance with regulations and standards. We also provide advisory services to clients to operate their businesses efficiently. 

Business VAT

We provide a comprehensive Tax Advice to all relevant individuals and businesses; we prepare VAT returns promptly in order to maximise cash flow benefits to prevent penalties. We focus on current developments relating to VAT and other taxation issues to ensure our clients’ are kept informed. 

We constantly review and monitor the adequacy of systems, procedures and other relevant records to ensure compliance with VAT and other tax regulations. As a result, we provide regular VAT training/workshop sessions to our staff and develop a strategy to maximise the VAT position to avoid penalties and unnecessary charges to our clients. 

As part of our services, we offer training to employees, student and organisations to update their technical knowledge and skills on current and development issues in relation to tax regulations, laws and accounting software.

Self-Assessment/Tax Returns

We take time and care to understand the requirements of our clients and to explain how best we can help manage their taxes efficiently and help them with their future plans. 

Our work in this area involves completing tax returns each year ending 5 April for self employed/sole traders, individual employees and partnerships. 

We help individuals and self -employed to reduce their tax burdens by recommending ways to reduce liability, income tax and capital gains tax in accordance with UK Tax Regulations. 

Management Account

We prepare management reports and accounts that provide accurate and timely financial and statistical information required by managers to make day-to-day and short term decisions. 

At Abass & Co. Accountants, our services include provision and use of accounting information to managers or individuals within organisations. This is aimed at organisations with the basis to make informed business decisions, which allows them to be better equipped in their management functions. 

We also provide services including financial and non-financial review to help understand business unit performance and improve the operational and financial efficiency, optimising costs and risk reduction. 

Company Formation

We provide company formation services; this include working together with our clients from incorporating their businesses and assisting in opening the initial bank account as well as assisting with the HMRC correspondences through to initial required statutory formation services for their companies. We ensure that we follow up with extended services such as bookkeeping and record services and all statutory required services.


Payroll services includes supervising and advising on tax as well as analysing and reporting on financial data. We also carry out general payroll administration duties including calculating and issuing pay, deducting tax and national insurance, sick pay and maternity pay.

We also support businesses in creating records for new staff, issuing P45s and other tax related forms.

Company Statutory and Tax Returns.

We offer accountancy and taxation services to businesses, employees, individuals, contractors  and charities to reduce the tax burden on corporation tax, pensions schemes; and preparation of tax returns in accordance with regulations and how best to structure their businesses and individual transactions in order to achieve maximum tax efficiency. 

In trying to support organisations to reduce their tax burdens, we recommend ways to reduce liability to income tax, capital gain tax, inheritance tax and meeting the highest standard of compliance. 

Cash Flow

We take pride in the preparation of our clients’ cash flow statements, as we believe it to be he the measure of the company’s financial health and soundness. Therefore, we endeavour to present cash flow/financial forecast in a way that will reflect the true intention and motive of the statement holder. 

Business Statement of Account 

We help  individuals as well as organisations to present their financial position to reflect the true nature of their business and in compliance with all the rules and regulations. 

Our clients occasionally call for proof of evidence to show their financial worth and their capability to borrow more from financial institutions. We are more than happy to oblige their requests and do everything we can to help them. 

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